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I don’t like to complain. It’s not British I suppose. But I bought a new steam iron a few weeks ago and it was so terrible to use I had to have a moan.

Now I’ve been pressing trousers and ironing shirts for some years. I’m not a novice and I tried every combination of temperature and steam to get the thing to remove the wrinkles. It either got stuck or was so cold it had no effect. The only difference between the new iron and those that have gone before was the Teflon coated sole plate.

Teflon, the stuff that coats certain ex-prime ministers, is renowned for not sticking, or rather not allowing stuff to stick to it. I chose this iron because I thought its magic coating would get it gliding over my laundry like a duck on a frozen lake. Wrong.

The Teflon coating made it feel like I was trying to iron with an electric sander. I emailed  the manufacturer. They said they were sorry I was disappointed, but were sure I would get the hang of it. I could return it to the shop if I was still not satisfied. I kept trying for another few days, but in the end I took it back, and they were most helpful. They exchanged it for the model with a stainless steel sole pate.

Same manufacturer, same design, same water, same clothes – the only difference is the lack of Teflon – ‘stick’ to stainless steel, much better (oh, and a bit more expensive).