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I’ve been very productive for the last few weeks. By rationing my time on the computer I have achieved some satisfying results.

My first task was to proof read an essay for a friend’s university project. All I have to do now, is to inspire him to submit it on time.

My second success is the completion of a experimental, decorative art project. It was inspired by a visit to Moorcroft’s famous pottery in Stoke-on-Trent. Their tube lined, or slip trailed designs are famous around the world. With their methods in mind I carried out a similar exercise with acrylic paint and some MDF blanks.

These are now finished, and my third success is completing the write-up of the project and submitting it to the British Association of Decorative and Folk Arts (BADFA) for inclusion in their newsletter.

One long term item has been sat on the shelf for a year or more, but is now complete and ready to go to a new home. I had an old plain plywood box lurking around the flat. It served no useful purpose so I’ve turned it into a treasure chest for my youngest grandson. I painted faux wood grained plank panels, and the lid is operated with a couple of heavy iron hinges and secured with a big, old iron lock on the front. It is finished with a name plaque written in gold leaf. None of the ‘furniture’ is real, it’s all trompe l’oeil.

So after all that productivity, I’ll see what I can get done in the coming month. Now where shall I start …