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Lily Childs ( lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com ) runs a weekly flash fiction competition – up to 100 words, and must include the three words she specifies. Well I spent all week slaving over my entry then, damn it all, missed the deadline. So that you don’t miss out on my (not quite) entry I’ll post it here instead.

Visit Lily’s blog to read the other, rather good, entries.

The given words were: effervescent, outsider, invitation (or invite).

x  x  x

“Nerdy chemistry student, eh?. Soon fix that!” The concoction, given to him by the blonde girl, was easy to mix. He downed it, a bitter, effervescent liquid, like a seltzer after a heavy night; tonight he was the outsider with an invitation.

He was in the shower when the spasms started. Face and jaw muscles first, then legs. His toes curled under his feet, and soon his arms were rigid. He couldn’t breath, his back arched and his lips curled into a wide rictal grin. And the pain… Damn! Strychnine! Bitch!

He was no longer the nerdy chemistry student.

x  x  x