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This week I’ve posted early! Not for Christmas, but for Lily Childs’ Feardom blog. My 99 words of flash fiction were posted in plenty of time, so nip on over and have a read.

I’ll add the piece, The Long Wait, here after the competition has closed and been judged on Friday.


The long wait

He was last seen walking along the tow path, just after the heavy snow. It was spring when they found him.

The melt water running off the hills stirred the canal, and the chain attaching him to the concrete block pulled though his decomposing flesh. His heavy top coat was holding the rest of him together when they found him draped, like a rag doll, over the weir .

Lucky for me the eels and fish had picked away at his neck wounds, the police said it was suicide. Shame he missed out on the Christmas party.