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No, not the nervous type, the mechanical type. My beloved Land Rover ceased to function on Friday night, a mysterious warning light appeared on the dashboard as we were driving on the M27, heading towards Havant on our hunter/gatherer mission.

It wasn’t a case of loosing power and driving gently to the hard shoulder, but a case of, ‘can we make it across two lanes before we run out of inertia?’ We did.

I shouted down the emergency phone to the poor lady on the control room, as the passing traffic was so loud I couldn’t hear what she was saying, if you can understand that logic. She deciphered my ramblings and organised our recovery.

Soon a nice RAC man arrived and got us back to the workshops where, by some quirk on nature, she is due for a service tomorrow. So for the next few days it is motorcycle only – let’s hope the weather holds!