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As you may have noticed, I contribute to Lily Childs’ Feardom blog which, every week, runs a flash fiction contest for submissions of 100 words or less. The submission is centred around the three words chosen for that week’s contest. The nature of Lily’s blog means that horror and gore are the order of the day.

Although I have yet to achieve outright winner of such a contest I am most pleased to have been chosen as runner-up to last week’s event. I have, for your enjoyment, reproduced my entry on the More scratchings … page. Please click over and read my entry, ‘Patience’, composed around the words temper, gouge and milk.

After you have browsed your way around my blog why not skip across to Lily’s. She is currently running a series of short stories by new women writers entitled February Femmes Fatale, 28 short stories to fill the month.

Let me know how you get on, comment on her posts, tell her I sent you.