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Just one week before my big day out. We have been given the location for the meeting, it will be a 9.00 am start. I have to travel 100 miles to get there, and then it’s a three-hour assessment under the hawkish eye of an IAM instructor.

It’s all gong to happen in Northamptonshire, so I was mulling over the possible venues up that way. There’s the Millbrook proving ground, near Milton Keynes, where they test vehicles in all sorts of road conditions. It’s the sort of place that the Top Gear team would get to play.

Then there is Silverstone, the race circuit where the British Grand Prix is held. I could picture myself giving it some serious welly and getting my knee down through Copse and Maggots.

But back to reality, the start point is a truck stop on the A5. Sensible really, but lacks glamour. Still us bikers don’t do glamour; we’re rough and we’re tough, we’re happy with big mugs of stewed tea and greasy sausage butties.

Think of me on Friday, leaving home at 5.30 am – I’ll get a report to y’all as soon as I can.