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… here come the judge. Everybody know that I am the judge! (for those not old enough, sung by Shorty Long, 1968).

For winning the February One Word Challenge on the WritersTalkback forum, I had the pleasure and pain of judging the March Challenge. The one word that contributors used for inspiration was ‘ink‘.

Twelve stories of less than 200 words were submitted, and what great reads they all were. Contrary to all ecological advice I printed the stories, leaving off the name of the contributor, so that I had nothing to influence me, other than the story itself. The difficult bit was choosing a winner and runner-up.

The winner was Dorothy Davies with her tale of lost love and murder. A touching tale with a twist at the end.

The runner-up was  ‘Jan’ whose story was a tear-jerker, where granddaughter spills the beans that her parents have plans for granddad. Not what he was hoping to hear.

The other stories were all well written, and for some reason a dark theme ran through them all – perhaps it was the black ink – or maybe they see more in the Rorschach Test than is healthy …

Well done to all the writers, especially Dorothy and Jan. We are still awaiting the results of the poetry section.