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Three days without my technology! Well, not totally, but no TV, no PC and only the merest contact with a cell phone.

We left home straight from work on Thursday evening for a long weekend in our caravan. It wasn’t the lazy, chillin’ break we were hoping for; there was an unexpected funeral to add to Friday’s plans, and a family visit, as a consequence of the funeral, on Saturday. Nevertheless, it was good to be away from our normal routine.

Because I haven’t been side tracked by Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and a variety of forums, I have done more reading and writing in three days, than in the past three weeks. I finished reading Pratchett’s Maskerade, caught up on the back issues of Writing Magazine and Scootering, have written two articles for newsletters, one for submission to a magazine, outlined a couple of blog entries and started sketching out a plot for November’s NaNoWriMo – oh, I jotted down some ideas for a non-fiction project that I must start researching.

I’m not sure all this relaxation is good for me – perhaps I should just stay at home and surf the net!