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My submission, this week (Lily likes submission), is ‘Off!‘ How does that fit in with the words spire, roam and gloss?

That is the challenge of Lily Childs’ Friday Prediction on her Feardom blog. She sets three words, and you have to weave them into a story of 100 words or less. But not just any story, there has to be fear, blood, gore, death, mutilation – or any combination thereof.

So, dear reader, get your sorry arse over there and read – then see if you can sleep in the dark, alone.

Oh, by the way, Lily has joined the famous Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers blog as editor for the dark bits – well done, Lil – Dark Dudess! She joins Matt Hilton – Thriller Dude, Col Bury – Crime Dude and Lee Hughes – Horror Dude. Check out their Ye Olde Editors page for bios.

Two of my flash fiction pieces,  ‘Sunday Lunch’ and ‘Happy Now?’ , are included on the TKnC blog – it’s time they were re-read.