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That’s what I’ve posted in nearly a month – nothing. But I have been busy, honest.

I’ve been taking photos – well I need the practice – and I’ve got the autumn editions of two newsletters published. I’ve got a couple of pieces underway for the usual Lily Childs Friday Prediction and Writers’ News One Word Challenge.

But it will soon be November, and that means Nanowrimo and Movember. It would be easier to just sit still and grow a moustache for Movember. The idea being to get sponsored and gather dosh for a cancer charity. The difficult choice would be Nano. (There is an historical reason why I won’t grow a ‘tash … that’s another story)

The National Novel Writing Month is a challenge, the entrants must write 50,000 words between 1st and 30th, averaging nearly 1700 every day. There is no time to edit, check spelling or grammar, or even if the story makes sense – you just sit ‘n’ write.

I have completed the challenge twice, in 2008 and 2009. Last year I crumbled early on. Writing continuously, 1700 words can be written in about three or four hours, that pace has to be maintained, or you slip further behind the target.

Can I make 2011 another successful year? The first two days I am out taking more photos, will that put me so far off the pace that I can’t catch up? That’s the challenge. Will I have a third novel to my name, another title to go with The Long Case Clock  (2008) and  Dirty Bomb (2009) ? I can but try. I’ll let you know how I get on – there won’t be any spare time for posting here!

Oh, the prize … a badge for my blog.