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Here’s another submission to Inspiration Monday. Catching up with the posts, this one is for the current prompts, dated 23 January. My choice of prompt this time, All according to plan.

Kerbside Conversation

“Oh, another master plan! You always got a plan, ain’tcha.”
“It wasn’t my fault the cops turned up.”
“No? So why we sat here?”
“We made bail, didn’t we?”A thoughtful pause.

“What are we going to do now?”
“I don’t know. What d’ya want to do?”
“Haven’t you got any more ideas?”
“Why should it always be me that has the ideas?”
“Every time I have an idea, you tell me it’s stupid.”
“That’s ‘cos every idea you have is stupid.”
“Well , you come up with something, then.”

Silence fills the next few moments …

“OK. What day is it?”
“Thursday. What’s that got to do with it?”
“What happens on Thursday?”
“ … nothing?”
“Think again!”
“The benefit check arrives?”
“Yeah! Right! So do you feel rich when you cash your check?”
“I only get enough to pay the rent and buy a few beers. That ain’t rich.”
“So, let’s invest it – and get rich.”
“You mean stocks ‘n’ shares ‘n’ stuff like that?”
“See. Now you being stupid. – We want a quick return on the cash.”
“OK, Warren Buffett, how we gonna get rich?”
“We gotta have a plan … “


(c) K Patrick Moody, 2012

Inspired by the prompts on Bekindrewite blog, Inspiration Monday