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A last ditch entry to InMon, I hope I’m not too late. : Covered with words:

“It is covered with words, but these words mean nothing to me.”
He spread the scroll gently on the table, the leather brittle with age. His finger traced the line of characters from right to left.
“What does it say? What does it mean?”
“I wish I knew. It’s not Hebrew, but it is similar. I think it may be Aramaic.”
The boy reached out to touch it.
“No!” he caught his wrist and snatched his hand away from the relic. “This is important. It is very … very old.”
The boy looked hurt, but said nothing. His father’s face was suddenly different. His warm, kindly eyes were now cold. There was an icy fire burning in them.
“You must not mention this old piece of scrap to anyone …”
“Ok, dad.”
“No-one! Do you hear?” His face contorted and his eyes flared in the boy’s face.
He re-rolled the scroll and placed it carefully into the pouch, and the pouch into his rucksack.
He turned and left the chamber, the boy scrabbling to keep up.
“These are holy words, they will make me rich.”
(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody