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Inspired again. Last Monday’s InMon on the Bekindrewrite site included the phrase, Try not to scream. That had to be inspirational, so here is my entry.


“Try not to scream – it’s such an unpleasant noise.”

He pulled the leather straps tighter around her wrists and ankles, then turned to the workbench behind him.
Even with her whimpering she could hear the grinding of blade on stone.

“Not everyone screams, y’know.”

She bit her lip. Tears rolled down her cheeks

“Some are too scared to …”

scrape, scrape, scrape,

“… they think it will make me angry ..”.

scrape, scrape, scrape,

“… but I don”t get angry …”

The grinding stopped, but the quiet was worse.

“… much.”

He turned back, drew close and looked into her eyes, his foul breath crawled across her face.

“Mother”s were that colour – until the accident.” He stroked the blade down her cheek, “Yours will do just fine.”

Sunlight glinted off the newly sharpened blade as the door opened behind him.

“Dad! Not again! Put that down! Grandma’s been dead for ten years!”


(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody

Inspired by the prompts on Bekindrewite blog, Inspiration Monday