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It seems like a lifetime! No interweb, having to read emails on a smart phone, no telephone, no Facebook, no Twitter … but again I have all those little things that are so essential for a normal life.


The next best thing to a scabby horse

Well done Virgin! On time and all working. Mr Big and his side-kick, Turbo, arrived in the allotted time slot and carried out the installation. The same time as the gas fitter arrived to fix the cooker – which we’ve also been without since moving in. Our first home cooked meal, after a week of restaurants and fast-food, was beefburgers. Well, they were quick and easy, and we were so hungry we could have eaten a scabby horse.

Son is happy because the PS3 is now wirelessly connected to the wider world’s web and Mrs Scratchypen has a million channels of televisual stuff to flick between, as well as clogging Ebay with her bids.

Me, I’m just happy to do a bit of surfing when nobody else is here. Has anybody missed me? … Anybody?

Oh, well. Happy days.