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We’ve been in the new place for a month now. Although not as palatial as the picture above, it feels like home, especially since we have found things in boxes that we packed away 14 years ago. Things like a ceramic fruit stack, bone china swans, and tools like the airbrush I spent hours mastering, and the only remaining piece with an example of those skills. They stayed in boxes because the last place was too small to display all that was ‘us’.

The workspace is nearly ready

The old ‘us’ was packed up after the depression of the early 90s. Ours was a business that failed along with many others. Life changed, but carried on regardless. But now, we are in a home that allows us to expand again. There is room for our craft and creative interests, and room for ‘the editor’ to edit, away from daily distractions. There is room, too, for our son to have his space without disturbing ‘the oldies’, and for daughters and their families to visit, run around the garden and enjoy silly games – and hopefully a BBQ if the weather is good tomorrow.

The editor's office

So now, all there is to do is get creative. As there are a number of projects I have put on hold, the writing will  have to share time and space with painting.

Now, where do I start? Sable brush … or scratchy pen?