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After moving house, I couldn’t fail to be inspired by Bekindrewrite‘s InspirationCount the windows. Sorry for it’s late entry, will try harder.

Count the windows

‘I’m so pleased that we moved.’
‘Me too. So much more space to move around in, more space to relax in.’
‘The extra rooms will be really useful.’
‘Sure will. Let’s count the windows …’
They stood hand in hand gazing at their new acquisition. The big lottery win had got them the house they had dreamed of.
‘There’s our room.’ she pointed to the window in the top left corner of the yellow sandstone facade.
‘… then the en suite …’
‘… then the study you always wanted …’
‘… the nursery …’ he patted her bulging belly.
‘… the spare bedroom, for when your mother visits.’
‘Yep, right next to baby’s room – she can do the grandmother bit in the mornings’
They laughed and hugged each other, struggling to believe that the house with the sweeping gravel drive and wisteria covered frontage was really theirs.
‘What about that window?’ she pointed to the window not yet explored.
‘There are no other rooms on that floor … have we counted right?
He pointed to each window in turn, recounting the room behind it quietly to himself. As his finger reached the last room, the hair on his neck prickled.
A small grey face appeared, framed in a lower pane …

* * *

Inspired by Bekindrewrite Inspiration Monday of 9 April 2012

(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody