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I’ve found a new inspirational blog, one that challenges my writer’s creativity and fondness for flash fiction (and a little alliteration). Julia’s Place runs a weekly 100 word challenge by giving a promt. The Challenge is to form a story of 100 words, obvious really.

Week 42 of Julia’s challenge gave the prompt; Liberty, empire, apple, yellow enormous. Words that came to her during a visit to New York, the Big Apple, with Yellow cabs and the enormous Empire State Building. Here is my first submission, of 100 words, to Julia’s challenge:

Escape from the Empire

It was like a story by Jules Verne, the only way to liberty was up. For one so small, the Empire was enormous. Eating my way to the surface through the yellow, sweet-tart flesh was a painful pleasure, until my gross, wriggling, form broke through the glorious, red skin of the apple and into fresh air.

New York Empire Apples (photo: Cliff Hutson)

But what shall I do, now that I am free from my fruity enclosure? The time is right for my transformation. I will grow wings and fly, for I must find love. The cycle of life must continue, for death will find me, soon.

(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody