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An interesting selection of prompts from the Bekindrewrite site, this week. From the  Inspiration Monday list I chose …


“Mr Fortesque, this experiment must succeed. We must be able to see into the future!”

“Indeed we must, sir!”

The gas lamps flickered and cast tall shadows on the wall. In the orangery the steam engine boiled and hissed in readiness. The orange glow from its furnace filled the room.

“We will run through everything, once more. We cannot afford to make a mistake.”

“I’ll check it all before we engage the dynamo, Mr Smythe.”

“That is what makes this a great team, Fortesque. Not only do we have the foresight and imagination, you, have the patience of Job.”

Fortesque smiled and tested, again, the tightness of the brass thumb screws connecting the wires to the dynamo’s terminals. He traced their route to the array of vacuum tubes, rheostats and resistors, mounted on the steel chassis. Continuing across the bench, next, was a typewriter. It’s black body was the perfect background for the gold lettering on the keys. A rat’s nest of wires fed on, to a leather helmet with brass eye-pieces filled with black glass.

“Mr Smythe.”

“Yes, Fortesque?”

“We are ready. All the connections are secure.”

“Excellent! Then we proceed!”

Smythe went to the orangery and eased open the regulator on the steam engine. Fortesque slipped on the helmet and adjusted the goggles.

“Fortesque!” Smythe shouted from the orangery, “We don’t have a name for this contraption!”

Fortesque raised his hands and drew fingers across the front of his headgear.

“Eye pads,” he laughed, “I shall call it, the Eye Pad Communicator!”

* * *

(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody

Inspired by Inspiration Monday on the Bekindrewrite blog.