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I’ve neglected Julia’s Place for a while. Sorry Julia, but you know how life is.

But this week I was grabbed by the 100 Word Challenge for Grown ups, so here are my 104 words that include ‘…as the apple fell …’

* * *

He’d been locked in deep study for weeks. He knew he needed the answers, but today he was taking a break. He strolled into the garden and felt the warm, autumnal sun on his face. Stretching out in the shade of the nearest tree was bliss. Looming deadlines receded, and sleep crept across his eyes.

As the gentle country noises drifted through his quietened mind he started to dream. As with all dreams, none of the images made any sense, but they seemed to hold a mysterious message.

He opened his eyes just as the apple fell; he realised the gravity of the situation.

* * *

(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody