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Voice Week 2012

Voice Week is an experimental writing challenge to help us stretch our versatility in voice and tone. Each Voice Week participant writes five versions of the same story – from five different points of view. Then, October 1 through 5, we post, compare, sharpen, and grow.

It is organised by the BeKindRewrite Inspiration Monday team, and we’ll all be passing comment on each others’ stories.

Day 1 introduced Derek, and Chelsea – today we take Derek’s point of view. Here is my take on An old man take 2 …

* * *

Sixty! Sixty bloody years old, and what have I got to show for it?

Strewth! Here comes Chelsea. Look at those knockers. No, don’t!

“Hello Dez, happy birthday!”

Fancy her remembering. Fancy her, if only … a few years younger.

“Oh, thank you, Chelsea.”

“I’ve got you a little pressy as it’s such a special day for you.” Huh, that means she knows I’m heading for my pension. Mind you, she’s no spring chicken – nice breasts though.

“That is very sweet of you, thanks.” That’s nice, ooh, she really shouldn’t wear that tee shirt in the office, it could give a bloke a bit of a turn.

“I thought you would like to peel the wrapping off your special treat.” Too right, I would! I might have reached sixty, but it doesn’t mean I’ve lost it. Better just unwrap the present … for now, anyway.

* * *

(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody