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Voice Week 2012

Voice Week is an experimental writing challenge to help us stretch our versatility in voice and tone. Each Voice Week participant writes five versions of the same story – from five different points of view. Then, October 1 through 5, we post, compare, sharpen, and grow.

It is organised by the BeKindRewrite Inspiration Monday team, and we’ll all be passing comment on each others’ stories.

Hit and run this morning. Posting the last part early, because I shall be isolated from my technology until Sunday. I’ll catch up with you all then. Have a good weekend.

All the characters, Derek, Chelsea and their boss, are in place. Today we get the view point, and voice from one who is an observer. Here is our last entry for Voice Week 2012 – An old man take 5 …

* * *

We have discovered some odd behaviour among Planet Solar 3’s carbon-based life forms. Observe the following mating procedure between type X and Y humanoids. Initially we believed that this pair was beyond their useful production period, but they seem to be going through the performance anyway. It is almost as if they derive some pleasure from attempting to reproduce.

Watch … first the type Y stands up and pushes forward the deformations on its thorax. It presents these to the type X, which apparently decides whether they are suitable for the required purpose. We understand this is some kind of indication as to type Y’s ability to reproduce.

Once they have gained each other’s approval, they ignore each other until all humanoids leave their daytime location, and make for the safety of the night-time sleep pods. On this journey they join external appendages as they travel. This must be the process that causes expectancy, but we have yet to detect a transfer of matter, although an increase in temperature has been noted.

More research is required. We need samples for dissection.

* * *

(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody