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The awesomeness of Voice Week … re-blogged from the Voice Week site.

Read Steph’s (of BeKindRewrite) thoughts on how the Voice Week challenge went.



I had forgotten, since last year, just how fun Voice Week was. In fact, what with the wedding and all, I was a bit leery of how much time it would take to collect all the links and so on and so forth…


Then I started reading. All the unique voices. All the different perspectives. All the little glimpses of life and layers of genius. And with story after story I was gasping with awe and delight.


Most of us wrote one scene from the perspectives of five different characters – and these ranged from ancient mythology to space-age cruise ships – while a few of us used slightly different methods. Let’s take a look!




Billie Jo Woods showed us a scene in a bar from the perspectives of four very different characters, each piece revealing more about the characters and the story through…

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