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Inspiration Monday rears its ugly head – again! After the rock and roll of Voice Week, this should be easy, but…

Anyway, from the prompts offered on BekindRewrite I chose Invisible sky.

* * *

I know the sky is up there. They tell me it is sapphire blue, with a few white, fluffy cotton tails floating by. They tell me, too, that where the sky meets the earth it changes to a luscious grassy green. There are trees, now showing their autumnal shades of copper, bronze, gold and brown. Below each tree is a blanket of leaves, waiting to be kicked skyward, falling like large, orange snowflakes, back to the ground.

Now that winter is approaching, they tell me that the bright pinks, reds, yellows and blues of the summer flowers will give way to dull green, browns and greys. They tell me I shall have to wait until spring before the chartreuse of new growth will appear on the trees, and the sunny yellow of dancing daffodils wave at me, in the breeze.

To me the sky is a warm breeze and the sun on my face. Sometimes the light wind carries the salty sea air, and I hear birds calling. Luscious grass feels soft between my fingers as I stoke a new mowed lawn. I smell the freshly dug dirt of a weeded flower bed. A tree stands strong, its trunk grained with age and knowing of the changing seasons, the wind whispers through its branches. Autumn leaves scrunch in my hand, they gently stroke my face as the cold winter wind blows them past, sometimes they sting as the gales pull at my coat.

Summer flowers are soft and velvety, full and round. Winter brings sticks and twigs, brittle and coarse. The spring feels fresh, smells fresh, the air not quite warm, but no longer carrying a chill.

This is how I see my world. They tell me all these things because I can never seem them for myself.

* * *

(c) 2012, K Patrick Moody

Inspired by Inspiration Monday, 22 October on BekindRewrite