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Just look at that. It’s been nearly two months since I’ve posed on this blog.

In all fairness, it has been a busy time. There has been Christmas, an article in Psychic News, The One Word Anthology, publishing The Decorative Folk Artist, a newsletter for Havant Spiritualist Church and an article for Twist ‘n’ Go magazine, so I haven’t been totally idle.

I’m writing this from the Lordleaze hotel in Chard, Somerset, which I can only describe as quintessentially English. The surroundings are old, yet well maintained and the hotelier is  likewise. Both he and I are suitably laced with late bottled vintage port and have been engaged in idle conversation.


Chard – the home of powered flight

Julie and I have taken a weekend break and are relaxing in surroundings to which we could both become accustomed, but sadly can only treat ourselves occasionally.

We took the ozone at Lyme Regis this morning. The ambience of seaside towns is so different during the winter, off-season months. The are few people out and about, and the shops have an air of necessity rather than over-the-top holiday excess. There was no sign of beach balls, buckets and spades, nor inflatable surf boards. The grey sea and sky continued the scene as far as the horizon. Nevertheless, a large Devon pastie (as opposed to the usual Cornish pastie) was sufficient for lunch, and sustained us for our journey onwards to Crewekerne and back to Chard.

Tomorrow we go home and get ready for work on Monday. Back to mundane normality, but that is what makes weekends such as this, so much more enjoyable. We are looking forward to our next road-trip … a couple of days exploring Bruges, Belgium in April.