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There’s a couple of words to get you thinking.

Well they’ve certainly got my dear wife thinking. These are the procedures recently performed on her knee. Through two small incisions just below her kneecap were inserted a small camera, and various tools (or maybe a multi-tasking device like a Swiss Army knife).

War Wound 2

During an uncharacteristically sober moment at Christmas she slipped on a sloping pavement and twisted her knee, damaging the cartilage. As the swelling increased it became obvious that the damage wasn’t going to repair itself. Surgery was the answer!

The arthroscopy removed the damaged, free floating pieces of cartilage. The chondroplasty rounded off the sharp edges and tidied up the damaged surfaces, promoting new growth of the bits to repair themselves over time.

What I have now is a wife who presents all the attributes of a skilled Kendo martial artist. She can thrust and parry, block and lunge, and point and prod with her crutches, in a manner akin to Mr Miyagi, Jackie Chan or Darth Vader. Home can be a dangerous place, these days.


Happily she is on the mend, and her condition improves daily. Soon she will be back to her normal self – I hope.