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We’ve just had a wonderful holiday, our first for a few years. We enjoyed sun, sea and beer, and a week of relaxation.

We returned to find that one of Britain’s richest charities is to force us from our home, in its drive to amass more funds.

We are told that The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is forcing our landlord to sell our home so that it can grab the percentage that it was bequeathed in a relative’s will. Apparently all other offers to satiate their money-lust has failed. They will not accept a cash alternative, nor will they accept our continuing rent, nor for a codicil to be added to the deeds. Nothing, it seems, will divert them from their pursuit of a pound of flesh.

Of course any charity will tell you how they struggle to survive, how every penny counts, but the RNLI has recently offered a full time ‘prevention officer’ post at more than £25,000 a year. And they happily spend millions running their fancy, modern HQ in Poole, Dorset. The charity’s annual budget is around £147.7 million. In 2011 their income was nearly £163 million, their expenditure was less than £141 million. Over £20 million in profit. Yet they must have my home.

So, the lesson is – don’t bequeath your property to a charity – not only are we being forced from our home, but the current owner, now forced to sell, will lose, not only their tenant’s rent, but will probably be subjected to 40% Capital Gains Tax on the sale. Maybe they will be left with just 10% of their inheritance.

Do not to leave your property to charity, let your family have control over their inheritance.