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I picked up on the musical prompt on Steph’s Inspiration Monday blog, this week. A song from That 1 Guy, who, I will admit I had never heard of. I watched the YouTube clip of Packs a Wallop!’You will have to listen to the song to appreciate the link.

So here it is, maybe a little short, but …

* * *

“Will ya quit playing that crap song!”

“Yeah, well I happen to like it!” He stayed at the bench in the workshop, the clatter of hand tools merged with the music.

“You’re like yer father.” She screeched from the kitchen, “Only interested in yer expensive hogs and cheap music!”

“Yup.” he said to himself. No point arguing with the bitch. He sang along to the tune in an absent minded kind of way, as his creation took shape on the bench.

“S’about time you got yer butt in here and fixed the washing machine, instead of wastin’ yer time on that basket case!”

“Cain’t hear ya!” he shouted; and to himself, “… and it ain’t no basket case.”

She wiped the soap suds from her hands on the faded apron and pushed open the door to the workshop. The music blasted at her from the CD player.

‘Duck, duck, duck duck, duck … ‘

“Jeez! Henry! Turn it down!”

‘Duck, duck, duck duck, duck … ‘

He swung round, the pipe wrench came too, at head height. She didn’t duck, and it caught her square in the temple.

“Packs a wallop, don’t it.” he said.

* * *

©  2013, K Patrick Moody – Inspired by InMon, and That 1 Guy