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This week’s Inspiration Monday challenge includes the prompt, ‘Destiny in the gut‘. This piece first appeared in the Writers Online ‘Talkback’ forum’s One Word Challenge in September, and fits the prompt. So I thought it deserved a public airing.

The One Word Challenge prompt was ‘blank’.

* * *


The cylinder spun like a roulette wheel; when it stopped she snapped it shut. The .38 snub nosed revolver fitted neatly in her handbag.

She met him at the usual place. They smiled and chatted as they ate, she giggled as they drank wine and she skipped as they went back to his car. She sighed as he slipped his arm round her shoulder.

“When you gonna tell your wife?”

“I’ve got to pick the right moment. She’s having a bad time with her mother, just now.” His free hand stroked the inside of her thigh.

“I’m pregnant, you know.” He looked out of the side window.

“You said that it was safe, that you fired blanks.” His free hand covered his mouth.

“This don’t fire blanks …” she pushed the gun into his crotch.

“No! Janey! Let me explain …!”

“Don’t bother. Just tell her – little whore, easy lay, led you on. Explain this to her!”

The red-orange flash lit the inside of the car. She slammed the door on his screams, straightened her skirt and walked to the bus stop.

* * *

If you enjoy flash fiction, you may like the One Word Anthology, a collection of flash fiction and poetry by the members of the Talkback forum. Each month one word is used for the prompt to a story of 200 words, or a poem of 40 lines.

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