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I’ve been a bit busy lately; work, newsletters, family, you know, all that sort of thing. But I contributed the Writers Online Talkback One Word Challenge for November, and here is my piece – adjusted to take account of the constructive judging. The word is ‘separation’.

* * *

Six degrees

“They say there are only six degrees of separation between you and any other person on the planet.”
He checked the cords round her wrists.
“I suppose that means, only six generations ago we were in the same family. Related. You are my blood sister.”
He paced around the kitchen table, tapping the blade against his chin.
“Makes you think.”
The ankle ties were tight, too.
“Doesn’t seem right though, does it?”

The towel round her mouth stifled her reply.

“Married to my blood sister … “ He banged the knife against the table.
“I think there needs to be more separation – we can’t share blood – it’s just not right.”

He didn’t hear the door open.

“Brother.” The voice was deep and gentle, but held a threat. “Put the knife down.”
He turned and smiled. “Well, hello … brother.”
“Let’s discuss this like family.”
“But we haven’t been family for a long time, bro. Why now? I’m busy.”
“Because, it’s gone far enough. Come outside.”
He turned back to the table. “I don’t think so.”
“Drop it, now.” There was no gentleness anymore. “Drop it, or I’ll separate you from your breath.”

* * *

© 2013 K Patrick Moody