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The One Word Challenge not only caters for writers of fiction, but also poets.

For the November challenge I submitted the flash fiction piece in the previous post. I was also inspired to write this poem. Those who know my poetry will be familiar with my usual tongue-in-cheek insistence that ‘if it don’t rhyme, it ain’t poetry’. This piece don’t rhyme, t’ain’t funny, neither.

To my surprise it made runner-up in the challenge, so I’ve impressed m’self. Leave a comment, let me know what you think.

* * *


From here I can see down, in to the valley.
I watch the morning mist roll away with the wind;
the evening mist rise to fill the space between the trees.
Spring snow fades with summer sun, frost returns with autumn fall.

I live alone, separate from the distractions of existence.
Separate, but not isolated.
I have seen life in the cities and towns,
life full of desires and illusions, and of false realities.

From here I can see; from here I can be.
At one with life, there is no duality,
of  good and evil, rich and poor, have and have not, yours and mine.

Here there is only forest, I am part of that forest.
The trees sigh, animals scamper, birds chatter.
But my mind is still, enlightenment strikes like lightning – and is gone as quickly.
It cannot be forced, it will return when it is ready.

Soon, the forest and I will be one.

* * *
© 2013 K Patrick Moody