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This piece was entered in the Talkback One Word Challenge for December 2013. The word was ‘silver‘.

I think it fits one of the Inspiration Monday prompts for this week, ‘Alien Myth‘, too. So as I have been fully committed (or should be) with the last of the Christmas events, and had no time left for creativity, here it is, released to the world.

The next few weeks will be busy, as well. I have a short course on forensic science to complete, and the next edition of The Decorative Folk Artist has to go out before the end of the month. I may be a little scarce on the blogs.

* * *

Silver Shekels

“Who is it?”
“S’me, John.”
“John? John who?”
“I brought them blokes round. The blokes with the presents.”
“What d’you want?”
Joseph pulled open the top half of the stable door. “Payin’ for what?
“I gave them a lift in my cart. They was too posh to get their sandals muddy.”
“What’s that got to do with me?”
“They was your visitors.”
“Bugger off!”
“That’s not nice, is it?” He shifted his weight to the other foot. “I was helping out.” He looked Joseph in the eye. “Just a couple of silver shekels, for some hay f’me donkey … and a cup of tea … it is Christmas, after all.”
“Yeah. Your missus just had a baby ain’t she?”
“Come as a surprise, didn’t it?”
“Well, there was a bit of confusion … “
“And you called him ‘Jesus’, right?”
Mother and baby lay content in the hay.
“What’s going on, Joe?”
“This bloke’s trying to con me out of a couple of bob; he thinks the baby’s name is Jesus.”
“They’re In the stable next door – couple all the way from Birmingham.”
“What’s your baby’s name then?” John was confused.
“Brian,” said Joseph.


* * *

© 2013, KPatrick Moody.