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After what seems to be a considerable break, I have a flash for you.

Here is my entry (suitably edited) to the May One Word Challenge on WritersOnline Talkback forum. The challenge is to write no more than 200 words, inspired by the prompt word for the month. My entry didn’t win, but I was pleased to have raised a smile with the judge. The word for the month was “Illumination”, and as usual it was interpreted in as many different ways as there was contributions. Here is my submission …

* * *

The grey dawn broke over the distant horizon. With matins done, the monks filed to the scriptorium.
“Morning, brother Aedgar.”
“Morning, brother Aelfred.”
“You still working on the 23rd Psalm?”
“Yep. Three months now.”
“You’ll soon have it done. Then you can move on to the 24th.”
“That’ll be nice. A change is as good as a rest, they say.”
“Brother Colin said the same, just before he died.” The monks hoiked up their habits to sit on the stools, and placed their flickering candles on the bench. The first job was to sharpen their quill, ready for the morning’s work.
“What about you, I believe you start a new page today.”
“Yes, and I’m rather pleased.”
“You are?”
“This week the abbot has told me to do a letter!”
“Gosh! A letter. To who?”
“No, just a letter.” Aelfred gave him a sideways glance, “A.”
“Yes, a great big one. Fills nearly a quarter of the page. ‘A’ for ‘and’”.
“… and …?”
“I’m not sure why I have to start a chapter with ‘and’. I was taught not to start any sentence with a conjunction. But it seems to happen a lot in the Bible.”
“An illuminating experience, then.”

* * *
(c) 2014, K Patrick Moody