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Day 2 of Voice Week, visit Voice Week HQ for more information …

* * *

Evenin’ miss.” He touched the peak of his cork helmet with his forefinger. “How’s it going, this evening?”
“Everything is fine, thank you, constable.” She finished pulling a pint and set it on the bar in front him.
“What about Big Jim?” He looked towards the hulk at the dark end of the bar.
“He’s fine as long as nobody buys him gin.” she looked down to the ullage tray under the pumps. “But I been watching them toffs at the back.”
“Oh, aye?”
“The one on the right has been waving his stump around. Looks like he’s trying to get free drinks out of the other.”
“If you wants them out, just say the word.”
“Ain’t had no complaints, yet. But I’m watching the pair of them.”
“Right. I’ll be back in an hour or so.” He put the empty jug on the bar, and wiped the froth from his moustache. He cast a knowing glance at Smythe and Fortesque, and went back into the bustling street.

* * *

(c) K Patrick Moody, 2014