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Voice Week Day 4. Today I’ve kept it to within the ‘suggested’ word count. That’s only because today’s voice is that of a man of few words.

What’s it all about? Visit Voice Week HQ to find out – and read all the other submissions.

* * *

‘They’re always laughing at me. Look at ’em. So damned smart. They thinks just because I’m strong in the arm, that I got to be thick in the head. Well, may be I ain’t that bright but I knows what’s what. Them two at the back thinks I ain’t noticed, neither. That ain’t no war wound, he was in here last week and he had both hands then. He’s up to something, him and his posh friend.

I wonder if I tells ’em what I seen, if they’ll buy me a bottle of gin?’

* * *

(c) K Patrick Moody, 2014