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Well, this is it. The last VW post for another year. What with working for a living and trying to fit in everything else that a normal week throws at you, we’ve been squeezing in extra writing, so it’s been a really hectic few days. Well it has for me, but I’ve enjoyed it. Over the weekend I will catch up with everyone else’s posts and make a few comments.

But enough! My last Voice Week 14 post …

* * *

Smythe’s experience with cloaking technology was somewhat limited. He struggled with the balance between chemical reactions, static electricity and crystalline formations; not usually getting the result he desired, or expected.

Only last week he spilled a batch of cloaking crystals on his trousers, and spent all day looking like he had a leg missing.

Fortesque was not impressed; he believed that chemistry, physics, and magic should be kept separate.

For Heaven’s sake, Sam! Why can’t you stick to what you know?”

Engineering is such a slow and boring subject. With this I can get instant results. Look!” He waved his apparently empty sleeve.

“Put it away!” Joshua buried is face in his hands. “Now the barmaid has seen you! Let’s at least perfect the process before we go public.”

* * *

(c) K Patrick Moody, 2014