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I spent Sunday in Lacock, the home of photography in England; where Henry Fox Talbot lived and worked, and invented the calotype photographic process. I was in the company of five ladies: Alex, Trudy Kelly, photographer and tutor, Anna Durrant, Rachel Harvey, and my special person, Julie, my wife.

Anna was teaching us about light and composition for portraits, and about the twiddly bits on our magic picture boxes. Rachel, bless her for her patience, was our model.

Our morning was in the classroom, learning about short, broad, and Rembrandt lighting, adding light, subtracting light; about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and how these affect the image; about the Rule of Thirds, colour temperature; about backgrounds, framing, posing and props. A busy morning.

After lunch we hit the streets of Lacock to put all our new-found knowledge in to action. It was a great day, with pleasant company, and lots of new skills to practise. These are just a couple of the hundreds of shots I took. Rachel02 Rachel01