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Now, for some of you that title will conjure-up a certain image. Well shame on you! What I mean is that the November One Word Challenge was nearly closed when I remembered to write a piece to enter. So it had to be a quickie!

I rattled off a couple of hundred words, and edited them down to the requisite number, in about an hour.

It didn’t win, which is not surprising, but it does illustrate what a little stream-of-consciousness writing can produce. Here is my submission for Famous.

* * *

Look at them! Thousands, all screaming and shouting, idolising me. Me! Ha!

In just a few short weeks I convinced the panel that I am a saleable item, and will make them millions; and a few for myself, at the expense of these poor, gullible things.

I’ve always been able to string a few notes together, and I love singing in the bath. A couple mates and I won a pub karaoke competition. We made a few quid and got invited to sing in a some bars around the town. We loved the free beer, and the attention – although some of them were old enough to know better.

Then my gran said we should be on Fame Factor. The judges said the other two were holding me back and I had to sing alone. So I did. I was pretty rubbish, but after the show one of the celebrities said, “With your looks, your voice doesn’t matter. We can fix that in the studio.”

So here I am, famous! All I have to do is make sure I learn the words and sing them in the right order; lip-syncing he called it. Famous!

* * *

(c) 2014 K. Patrick Moody