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Have you ever seen those old maps, the ones on buff coloured, crinkly parchment? Always in one corner there would be an area, unexplored by the cartographer, that mysteriously warns, ” ‘ere be draggons”. (This should be spoken idragon loyalty awardn the voice of one of Jack Sparrow’s crewmen).

Well, shipmates, I be most honoured to have been give a dragonny award by one of me fav’rite colonials, Mistress Stephanie Orges; she of Bekindrewrite fame.

Part of the award says I must write seven interesting things about myself …

  • I ride my motorbike almost everyday. Only snow and ice will keep it in the garage
  • I passed my advanced riders test last year (Institute of Advanced Motorists, IAM)
  • When I was six years old my local church went up in flames while I was in it. I guess that was a sign …
  • I’ve completed the NaNoWriMo challenge twice but never edited the resulting manuscript into anything publishable. But one day …
  • My first poem was published when I was 11. My poetry hasn’t improved since.
  • My Chinese astrology animal is the Dragon!
  • I can link my family tree back to 1100 AD, to an event only 30 miles from where I live now. Don’t feel the need to travel much in our family.

I hope that’ll do. Thanks for the award Steph!