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September, and we were sampling the cuisine and, more importantly, the wines of the Loire Valley. The prompt for the One Word Challenge* was Fantasy; where on earth was I going to get my inspiration?

We toured through Tours, chuntered around Chenonceaux, and nipped up to Nantes; from bistro to bistro, bar to bar, bottle to bottle – and then …

Anyway, I managed runner-up with this entry, accompanied by great comments by the judge; thank you, Mike Olley:

“Oh, how cruel real life is, hence the need for fantasy. You built this illusion perfectly for a harsh shatter reveal. Great stuff.” And:

“… for the well-written “build ’em up, knock ’em down” structure; Scratch is runner up with ‘French Fancy’.”

(* Writers Online’s monthly flash fiction challenge – see previous posts for details)



He took his usual seat at a small table in the corner of the cafe, and picked up the menu. He knew its contents by heart, closed his eyes and drifted back to the bistro on Rue de Berthelot. His favourite waitress appeared at the counter, she noticed him, and headed over, her stilettos, taller than was appropriate, clicked on the stone floor. She smoothed her tight, black pencil skirt over her thighs, and, as she sidled between the tables, he was sure there was more swing in her hips than on his last visit. She leaned forward to take his order, and he was enthralled by the sight of her breasts vying for position in the open neck of her white satin blouse. Her lips parted, just enough to slide the end of her pen between them, as she prepared to note his every desire …

The empty chair opposite scraped on the floor, jarring him back to Ethel’s all-day-breakfast-includes-tea-and-toast cafe. She smiled at him, in the gap-tooth way only Ethel could. “The usual, mugga tea anna bacon sarnie, is it, luv?”


(c) 2015, K Patrick Moody