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By way of a change I entered a poetry competition. It was the other half of the One Word Challenge in the Writers Online forum, Talkback.

Now those who know me will understand that I have certain views on what does, and what doesn’t constitute poetry. That free-verse stuff is, to me, just badly written, often incoherent prose. Lazy writing. Stuff that weird hippies and Bohemians jot down and pretend that is ‘deep and meaningful’. I do proper poetry.

‘If it don’t rhyme, it ain’t poetry’. I don’t know whose wise words they were, but they is deeper and meaningfuller than a bunch of rambling thoughts scribbled on the back of a ciggy packet.

Who said, ‘Philistine’? It’s OK for greetings cards!

Anyway, the one word prompt for March was ‘jam‘.


Wham! Bam! Thanks ma’am, that really was quite fun,
But now, it seems, you’re telling me, your oven is with bun!

It was soon accomplished, all done and dusted quick,
My gigolo-ing technique really is quite slick.

But now all I can think of is ‘if only’ and, ‘what if’.
Suppose I should have been prepared with French preservatifs.

Alas, I must accept my fate, and take it like a man,
But am I in a quandary, a pickle, or a jam?


© 2016. KPatrick Moody