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I’m not known for my deep, philosophical thinking, but sometimes things strike a chord.

You may have noticed that celebrity status doesn’t carry any weight with me. Mostly, I either don’t recognise them, or have never heard of them. For me most modern celebrities have personalities that are so shallow that you couldn’t get your feet wet.

corsablurAnyway, a friend was preparing to go on a road trip to see her mother, half a day’s drive away. Her idea of preparing the car was to have it valeted. The paintwork gleamed, the wheels sparkled, and the upholstery was freed from its protective coating of dog hair.

Just before she left she knocked on my door. “Could you have a look at the car, the engine sounds funny.”

“Are there any warning lights on the dash? Have you checked the oil?” I asked.

After a quick inspection of vital fluids, and a listen to the gentle purr of the engine, all seemed to be well. I set her mind at rest that the noises she could hear were the general mechanical sounds of an idling engine, poised to whisk her away to mother’s.

The moral of my story? For my neighbour, appearance, and what other people thought of her car were her top priority. In reality, it is the inner workings – the soul – that is the part that will carry her on her journey.

Like celebrities, pretty, shiny, and polished on the outside – cheap, empty, and uninteresting on the inside. They are fine as arm candy, but could you endure a long journey with someone who has difficulty stringing a sentence together?