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Oh! Joy! We no longer have to give up smoking, the electronic ciggy is here to save us!

Or is it?IMG_1080

The foul and offensive habit, or addiction, of smoking is gradually being replaced by the equally foul and offensive trend of ‘vaping’. Instead of setting alight a short paper tube containing the dried leaf of the nicotiana tabacum plant, part of the nightshade family, users suck vapour, and inhale the fumes, from a concentrated nicotine fluid that is heated over a battery powered, electric element. So the vap-er is not exposed to the harmful tar residues from the natural product – they are instead inhaling super concentrated, poisonous nicotine fumes*, plus all the heavy metal contaminants, including arsenic, from the decomposing electrical elements*. And they are still nicotine addicted.

Sadly there is now a whole lifestyle growing around this revolting habit. High street shops are pushing it with such claims that it is ‘socially acceptable’. The NHS are even advocating them as a way of quitting tobacco habits, and the tobacco companies are still hauling in vast profits.

I’m not sure who they asked, but it certainly is not socially acceptable for some smelly fumeur to blow the second hand contents of their contaminated lungs in to the air that I have to breathe. The habit is as offensive as smoking cigarettes, particularly as the vapour clouds are denser than the smoke. I regard it with the same distaste as smoking.

Luckily these vap-ers have their habits governed by the same restrictions as smokers – perhaps both could be banned in all public spaces …

So don’t swap – stop!

Just my opinion, of course. What about you?

*nicoctine has been used as an insecticide.
*Tests have found heavy metal contaminants are released from from the elements as they are heated.