The 70s – The Queen’s Silver Jubilee 1977

The Queen’s Silver Jubilee 1977

What about the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977? The twenty-fifth anniversary of her accession to the throne was officially commemorated on 6 February 1977.

Most of the celebrations took place on the weekend of Her Majesty’s official birthday, 6 June, starting with a string of bonfire beacons being lit across the country. On 7 June millions of people celebrated with post-war style street parties. In towns and villages roads were closed and tables and chairs brought out. Bunting and banners were strung from the street lamps and parties lasted throughout the day. Jelly, trifle and sandwiches were on the menu – as well as pop and crisps! In London alone, there were 4000 neighbourhood parties.

Punk rock was popular then, and the Sex Pistols released a special song to celebrate the event. ‘God Save the Queen’ was an anarchistic, anti-monarchy song, which although banned from being broadcast during the celebrations, made the number 2 slot in the UK pop charts.

Not everyone was lucky enough to get to a street party. In my role as domestic DIY-er extraordinaire, I was confined to the loft space of our 1930s semi. During my earlier exploits of decorating and repair in the hallway I had managed to put a nail through a central heating pipe, which meant I had to drain the water from the system to carry out repairs; this in turn highlighted problems with valves and stopcocks in the loft.

Of course, pride wouldn’t allow assistance from a plumber, cost prevented it anyway, so, as it had to be fixed before work on Monday morning, I spent the weekend in doors, a lot of it in the loft. Probably the best place for me under the circumstances.

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