The 70s – Tony Hart and Vision On

Tony Hart and Vision On

With the recent news that Tony Hart, artist and TV presenter, has recently suffered two strokes, my thoughts wandered back to a show he presented, with Pat Keysell, until 1977, Vision On.

The show was specifically for deaf children. Because the content was entertainment and not education there was no speech and very little text. The communication was in vision only. The programme encouraged children to use their imagination as Hart and Keysell created images from all sorts of media. Children submitted their own contributions to ‘The Gallery’.

The programme won the international Prix Jeunesse, and the BAFTA award for Specialised Programmes.

Tony Hart is also remembered for appearing with Morph, the Plasticine stop-motion character created by Aardman Animations, who later created Wallace and Gromit. Morph celebrated his 30th anniversary in 2007. Hart created the original design for the famous Blue Peter Badge.

Tony Hart was born in 1925 and first worked in television in 1952. He retired from regular TV work in 2001 and has now lost the ability to draw because of his strokes, he says this is “the greatest cross I have to bear”.

Thanks for the hours of entertainment and inspiration, Tony.

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